Are you looking for professional and reliable pest control services in Springvale?

At Berwick Pest Control, we offer a variety of services that cater to your specific needs including possum removal and termite control.

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Possum Removal in Springvale

Possums are dual threats – not only are they a nuisance and noisy during the night, but they also cause significant damage to your property. Our skilled and experienced team undertakes each possum removal job in Springvale with utmost care and efficiency, ensuring your home is possum-free in no time.

We are experts in managing an effective possum removal process, helping safeguard your home from future invasions. We also recommend proactive measures to deter possums from entering your property. Removing overripe fruits from trees and ensuring gutters are clean can make your property less appealing to these furry creatures.

Whether it’s your home or business in Springvale, our possum removal service is effective, quick, and causes minimal disruption. Also, we extend our services to nearby locations—Dandenong and Keysborough, for example—ensuring everyone can access professional pest control services.

Termite Control in Springvale

Using our extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art tools, we provide comprehensive termite control services for residents in Springvale and the surrounding areas. Our termite control methods are tailored for each case, considering factors like the extent of the infestation, the species of termites, and the construction style of the building.

Our team provides not only complete elimination but also future prevention of termites. Regular inspections and termite proofing are key to preventing a re-infest. We train you on signs to look for and ways to maintain a termite-free environment at your property.

Our Integrated Pest Management Approach in Springvale

Our integrated pest management approach involves a series of evaluations, decisions, and controls. We start by site inspection and pest identification, followed by setting action thresholds. Then we conduct pest control measures and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment, taking corrective actions if necessary.

Berwick Pest Control uses the least harmful methods as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. We’re fully committed to ensuring our methods are safe for your family and the environment.

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Here’s a deeper dive into some of the most common pests, offering insight into their habits and the reasons behind their unwelcome presence in our homes.


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    I highly recommend all the team at Berwick Pest Control! All the staff are super friendly, knowledgeable and take the time to actually listen to me and my concerns! I get our house sprayed every year as we hate spiders, and every year they come ask questions, explain things and... Read More

    T S
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    I was recommended by a friend to use the team at Berwick Pest control. All I can say is the team have been nothing but amazing. Always been able to answer questions and clear up some issues. Very quick response times also. Will be using you for all my future... Read More

    Mr Bull
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    First time needing anything like this, my painter discovered a wasp nest at my home so he couldn't work near it, I called Berwick Pest control and they were out the same day! (Literally within a couple hours) Wonderful service, lovely communication and not expensive. HIghly recommend

    Chrissy Lane
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    Steve came out and assisted us with rodent issue, He was very professional and gave great advice ! would highly recommend using berwick pest control. Thanks

    josh cardenas
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    I am a repeat customer - great service and communication, highly recommend.

    Stefan De Silva
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    Highly recommend.. Brandon & Steve did a great job . It is a good service & done well . And they gave us proper advice

    Danusha Gamage
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    Brendon was punctual very polite and so professional very impressed will certainly use them again

    John nye

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Fast, Affordable & Professional PEST CONTROL call Berwick Pest Control.

Why Choose Berwick Pest Control for Pest Control in Springvale?

  • We are certified by the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA), which attests to our credibility and professional standards.
  • We provide extensive pest control services tailored to the specific requirements of your Springvale property.
  • Besides offering competitive pricing, there are no hidden costs in our service charges.
  • We follow up after the service to ensure complete pest eradication.
  • Berwick Pest Control offers a minimum 4-month service guarantee on all completed pest control jobs.
  • We are fully insured and licensed, which provides you added peace of mind.
  • We provide customised pest control packages that suit your needs and budget.

So if you’re dealing with a pest issue, don’t let it get out of hand. Call us at 0438 292 477 to schedule an appointment. Get the much-needed peace of mind with our expert pest control services in Springvale.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pest Control in Springvale

What does Berwick Pest Control offer for pest control in Springvale?

Berwick Pest Control provides a vast range of pest control services in Springvale, including possum removal and termite control. We offer customised services based on individual needs.

What features does the possum removal service in Springvale have at Berwick Pest Control?

At Berwick Pest Control, our possum removal service in Springvale is efficient, rapid, and minimizes disruption. Our experts aim to create a possum-free environment promptly using eco-friendly tools like traps.

How does Berwick Pest Control handle termite control in Springvale?

Berwick Pest Control offers comprehensive termite control services in Springvale, tailored to the termite species and property’s construction style. Services include not only elimination but also future prevention of termites.

What unique methods does Berwick Pest Control use for pest control in Springvale?

We use an integrated pest management approach for pest control in Springvale that not only focuses on treatment but also on preventive measures. This includes site inspection, pest identification, treatment, and efficacy evaluation.

How can I prevent possums from invading my property in Springvale?

You can prevent possum invasions in Springvale by trimming your trees regularly, cleaning your gutters, removing food sources from the yard, and covering holes or entry points in your house. In case of a possum infestation, it’s recommended to seek professional possum removal services like those offered by Berwick Pest Control.

Areas We Serve

At Berwick Pest Control, we extend our pest control services beyond our Berwick base to serve a wide area across Melbourne, including communities such as Cranbourne, Keysborough, and Seaford. Combining our expert knowledge and years of experience, we offer comprehensive solutions for pest control in Berwick and beyond, meeting the diverse needs of our clients across the region.

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