Termites are attracted to wood. eg. timber stacks, building refuse, sleepers and old stumps

Termites are attracted to moisture. eg. leaking shower, water pipes, sinks, drains, hot water/air conditioning unit over flows

Termites prefer humid conditions under subfloors.

Termites CANNOT chew through concrete.

Black ants DOES NOT mean you don’t have termites.

Termites attack houses all year round.

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If you think you have termites, there isn’t time to waste in calling for termite services. Termites can go through wood flooring, doors and door frames in hours. If they are infesting the structure of your building, the resulting damage can be hard for you to digest. Home insurance does not cover termite damage. You will save money, services, termite inspection and extermination.

All repair costs caused by termite problems, be it to cover up some minor damage to a wooden door frame or to completely replace floor joists and wooden support structures, come out of your pocket. And don’t even tell the banker you need a loan to repair termite damage in your home. A home with structural damage caused by termites isn’t very appealing to lenders.

The small amount you will spend on a termite inspection is a tiny fraction of what you’ll spend fixing damage caused by termites. Today, options for termite treatments often only require a single application of an environmentally friendly chemical treatment or applying termite dust or a termite baiting system.

Our most requested termite services include:

  • Termite Inspection, Detection & Control
  • Termite Inspection Report
  • Termite Baiting
  • Termite Dust
  • Termite Treatments
  • Environmentally Safe Extermination
  • Termidor Licensed Technicians
  • Free Quotes
  • 100% Guaranteed

Termites are a group of eusocial insects that, until recently, were classified at the taxonomic rank of order Isoptera (see taxonomy below), but are now accepted as the epifamily Termitoidae, of the cockroach order Blattodea. While termites are commonly known, especially inAustralia, as “white ants“, they are only distantly related to the ants.

Like ants, some bees, and wasps—which are all placed in the separate order Hymenoptera—termites divide labor among castes, produce overlapping generations and take care of young collectively. Termites mostly feed on dead plant material, generally in the form of wood,leaf litter, soil, or animal dung, and about 10% of the estimated 4,000 species (about 2,600 taxonomically known) are economically significant as pests that can cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops or plantation forests. Termites are major detritivores, particularly in the subtropical and tropical regions, and their recycling of wood and other plant matter is of considerable ecological importance.

As eusocial insects, termites live in colonies that, at maturity, number from several hundred to several million individuals. Colonies use decentralised, self-organised systems of activity guided by swarm intelligence which exploit food sources and environments unavailable to any single insect acting alone. A typical colony contains nymphs (semimature young), workers, soldiers, and reproductive individuals of both sexes, sometimes containing several egg-laying queens.

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