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calender04 Aug 2020

As winter rolls around, our team at Pest Control Pakenham become much busier than usual. This is because in the colder months, the issues around rats and mice begin to double, as they naturally begin searching for warmth and food. Unfortunately, it is also sometimes difficult to immediately detect infestations until the problem is quite extensive, which is exactly what happened to one of our clients.

Prior to contacting us, she wasn’t aware there were any problem until she stumbled upon two rats running around her kitchen. If the issue was left untreated, rats could cause significant damages to the property, such as chewing on electrical cables and causing a house fire, or carry diseases and fleas that could lead to more serious problems.

Upon arrival, our team of professionals started off by inspecting the property to figure out where the rats were located. Rats are significantly larger than mice, so it was a little easier to figure out potential entry or hiding spots. We first started out by finding and then safely removing the pests from the property, much to the client’s relief. Luckily, the rats did not cause major damage to the property, only a few scratches, as our client contacted Pest Control Pakenham straight away. We then proceeded with inspecting the whole property to find any potential gaps or holes that rats could use to enter and sealed all of them up to avoid any future break ins.

It’s also our job at Pest Control Pakenham to not only eliminate the issue but also figure out what caused it in the first place, in order to take preventive measures. Upon further inspection, we discovered a potential rat food source at the back of the kitchen. This area contained containers that were not fully sealed and rubbish bins that had been left out, which might have attracted the rats to the house. Identifying any potential food sources is a crucial step in preventing more rodents and other pests from coming in, and therefore it is highly important to eliminate those immediately.

Luckily, these measures solved the problem as our client happily contacted us a few weeks later to verify that thankfully, no more rats were to be found around the property. However, should there be any more pests roaming around after the completion of our services, we offer a minimum 4 months service guarantee on all completed pest control jobs for your peace of mind.

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