Pest Control Officer: Cockroach Infestation
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At Pest Control Officer, we deal with all kinds of problems on daily basis, from rats running around someone's kitchen to termites chewing on people's doors. However, when it comes to cockroach infestations, for some reason many people find it quite embarrassing to admit they are faced with one. It's no secret that cockroaches are often associated with dirt, diseases and infections and yet, they are also one of the most common pest issues found in Australian households. A And chances are, we all have seen at least one running around in our beautifully clean homes.

Cockroaches are highly resilient and tend to adapt well in and out of human properties, preferring to hide and breed in cracks, crevices and dark moist areas. They can also feed on almost everything, from food to paper, leather, beverages etc. At the moment, there are three main species of cockroaches responsible for various home infestations around Australia. These include the German roach, the Australian roach and the American roach. It is highly important to figure out the exact species of cockroaches you may be dealing with, as that will essentially determine the correct treatment required for the total extermination.

Unfortunately, many home remedies have also been proven relatively ineffective, as they do not fully remove the main cause of the infestation. Additionally, cockroaches are highly adaptable and may even develop an immunity to certain over-the-counter products. This seems to be what happened to one of our clients when she contacted us at Pest Control Officer, after facing a minor cockroach infestation in her home. Despite trying various over-the-counter sprays and powders, which would exterminate the cockroaches for a while, she found they would reappear after a few short weeks.

Upon arrival, we began by inspecting the whole property and checking the structure to find any entry points. We mostly searched for cracks and holes, as they may also contain roaches’ eggs and make the infestation worse. Luckily, there weren’t any eggs, although we ended up treating and sealing all the potential entry points just in case to avoid future infestation. The client informed us that the cockroaches were found mostly in the bathroom, which is a perfect spot due to its humidity levels and relative darkness. We then proceeded with highly effective professional sprays and powders and treated the whole of the bathroom area. The cockroaches were then removed and the cracks were sealed, much to the relief of the client.

Luckily, these measures solved the problem as our client happily contacted us a few weeks later to verify that thankfully, no more cockroaches were to be found around the property. However, should there be any more pests roaming around after the completion of our services, we offer a minimum 4 months service guarantee on all completed pest control jobs for your peace of mind.

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