Pest Control Clyde: Large Termite Infestation
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calender04 Aug 2020

A client contacted Pest Control Clyde after noticing a fairly large termite infestation in his family home and witnessing a significant damage to his wooden doors and flooring. The client was initially falsely led to believe that termites do not usually attack during the winter and laid off booking a termite inspection for some time. However, termites are in fact active all year ‘round, and there isn’t any time to waste when it comes to calling for a termite inspection.

Termites are mostly attracted to areas with high levels of moisture such as water pipes, drains and sinks. Additionally, they also prefer wood such as timber slacks and sleepers, which explains the damage to the client’s doors and flooring.

Although the initial damage had been done, our team at Pest Control Clyde immediately took action in extermination to prevent any further damages and distress to the client. We began by inspecting the whole property and based on the damage, it could be assumed that we were dealing with a fairly large termite colony. We opted for our environmentally friendly chemical treatment as well as termite dust application, in order to permanently exterminate the infestation. It took us a few hours due to the size of the property to treat all of the affected areas, but at the end, the issue was resolved.

Luckily, these measures solved the problem as our client happily contacted us a few weeks later to verify that thankfully, no more termites were to be found around the property. However, based on Australian standards we recommend conducting a termite inspection every 6-12 months to avoid future infestation, which in turn can save a lot of money in potential damages. Lastly, should there be any more pests roaming around after the completion of our services, we offer a minimum 4 months service guarantee on all completed pest control jobs for your peace of mind.

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