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calender04 Aug 2020

A highly distressed client initially contacted Pest Control Beaconsfield after witnessing a large cockroach in her bathroom. Although she initially managed to get rid of it, she noticed smaller cockroaches began appearing throughout her apartment a few weeks later. They were fairly easy to remove at first with various sprays and powders and did not cause much of an issue until she realised they kept reappearing. 

It is no secret that cockroaches can contaminate food, cause damage to property and naturally carry various diseases and infections. Therefore, it is crucial to exterminate them as soon as possible to avoid any potential harm. Besides, no one enjoys seeing various insects crawling around in your home. 

Upon arriving at the property, we immediately noticed a large hole in the bathroom ceiling right above the bathtub. The client informed us that there have been some issues with her pipes leaking and her landlord opened up the ceiling to get those pipes checked. Straight away, we realised this could be a perfect hiding and breeding spot for cockroaches, as it is dark and moist and surely enough, we found laid eggs inside. We began by first treating the hole with a highly powerful professional spray and proceeded with treating the whole bathroom area. Although we were not able to seal the hole due to a plumber’s visit in the next few days, the client was informed her landlord would fix it in the upcoming week. 

We then began assessing the rest of the apartment for more cracks in case there were more laid eggs or simply other entry points for cockroaches to access the property. Luckily, we didn’t find any more eggs, although we treated and sealed all the cracks just in case to prevent any future infestations. 

The client was left very happy and relieved, informing us at Pest Control Beaconsfield a few weeks later that the bathroom hole had been sealed and luckily, no more cockroaches were seen crawling around! However, should there be an issue after the completion of our services, we offer a minimum 4 months service guarantee on all completed pest control jobs for your peace of mind.

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