Pest Control Rowville: Termite Inspection
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At Pest Control Rowville, we deal with all kinds of problems, with termites being one of the most common ones. They can pretty much be found anywhere from water pipes, drains, sinks etc, due to being naturally attracted to high-level moisture areas. In addition, they are also attracted to wood, such as sleepers and timber slacks, meaning they can go through and cause significant damage to wooden flooring or doors in just a few hours. Conducting an inspection, even if you may think you don’t have a termite infestation, can save a lot of money, particularly as most home insurances do not cover termite damage.

A client therefore, decided to contact us at Pest Control Rowville for a termite inspection after moving into a new house. We were not provided with the information on when the last inspection was conducted, although based on the Australian standards, we recommend a regular inspection to be held every 6-12 months.

Upon arriving, our team of professionals began to carefully inspect the property for any termite activity. Termites tend to live in colonies that could grow as large as several hundred insects, which can be quite challenging to totally exterminate. However, luckily for our client we only found a very small infestation which could have been much larger had it been left unattended.

When it comes to treatment and extermination, Pest Control Rowville offers treatments such as environmentally friendly chemical treatments, termite dust applications or termite baiting systems. The solutions vary depending on the size of the colonies and what the most efficient treatment would be for that particular issue.

Due to being a relatively small infestation, we opted for the environmentally friendly chemical treatment that exterminated any termites that were present at the property. The job was fairly fast and easy, with a relieved client, who was more than happy to settle into his new termite-free home. However, should there be any more pests roaming around after the completion of our services, we offer a minimum 4 months service guarantee on all completed pest control jobs for your peace of mind.

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