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If you are having problems with a spider or an ant infestation, contact Berwick Pest Control immediately. We will assess your home and provide you with safe and efficient pest control solutions.

Some of the most dangerous spider species are native to Australia. Protect your family today!

Spider infestations – what you need to know

Spiders prefer to live in dark spaces. However, some live in moist areas whilst others opt for dry spaces. This means that, depending on the species, spiders can be found almost anywhere from basements to attics. Spider control is important if you want to eradicate large or repeat infestations. It’s especially important to have professional spider control when it comes to poisonous spiders. If you spy a spider in your home and you’re not sure what species it is, give us a call. Our experienced team will be able to identify the spider and inform you of any potential problems.

The team at Berwick Pest Control will identify and eradicate all spiders in your home – safely and efficiently.


Ant infestations – what you need to know

Ants will nest just about anywhere in and around your home. Ants enter through the tiniest of cracks, leaving a scent trail for others to follow. Colonies of ants can have a population of anything up to half a million ants. DIY ant control is ineffective because it only targets visible ants, not the nest. The other shortcoming is that DIY methods don’t differentiate between different types of ant infestations, which need different methods of eradication. That’s why you need to call the experts.

Call Berwick Pest Control for effective control of all types of ant infestations!

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