Get rid of rats and mice – safely and effectively!

At Berwick Pest Control one of our specialist services is professional rodent control. Rats and mice will not only destroy your property, but they can spread diseases too. That’s why it’s essential that any suspected rodent infestation be dealt with swiftly and safely. If you are concerned that your home or business has a rat or mice infestation, call Berwick Pest Control today!

Rodent infestations need to be dealt with immediately!

There are many problems associated with rat and mice infestations:

  • Rats are naturally wary of new objects in their environment. This makes it less likely that they will be caught in a trap or by bait.
  • Rats live in colonies and tend to prefer attics, burrows, the spaces beneath porches, wall voids, and other hard to reach places.
  • Rats harbour and transmit a variety of dangerous diseases.
  • Rats introduce fleas, ticks and other disease-carrying parasites into your home.
  • Mice will invade your home in an attempt to find food, water and warmth.
  • Every mouse will contaminate more food than it eats.
  • Rodents chew on all sorts of materials, causing widespread damage in your home.
  • Rodents tend to breed rapidly. Some species breed throughout the year.
  • Rodents can contaminate all surfaces with which they come into contact.
  • The presence of just one rodent can imply an infestation in your home.

Call the experts for professional rodent control.

Do not try to handle any rodents you find in your home. They can bite and transmit diseases. Contact Berwick Pest Control immediately. Our professional team will carry out a thorough inspection and safe eradication of all rodents from your home.

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